Hello everyone and welcome to our penultimate blog post for this year!

In our second to last week Lichtenstein class have had a lot of excitement and all of that has been revolving around our first trip for the year, to Moo Canoes!

On Tuesday we walked through Bartlett Park to arrive at Poplar union where we met the Moo Canoes team and started on our seabound adventure.

Here is the class getting an expert briefing on how to paddle with Saahis showing us his skills!
Everyone getting some practice in before hitting the water!
Getting to grips with our formations in the canoe!

After the briefing it was set sail (well, paddle in a small part of the river). Nerves and excitement were kicking in but Lichtenstein were ready for their adventure!

Holding onto each other’s canoes – safety in numbers!
Top notch paddling from a top notch class!
Our brave canoeists braving the harsh weather!

All 30 of Lichtenstein had a great time with Moo Canoes. We learnt new skills, used fantastic team and, most importantly, had a great time with some students going as far as saying that it was the best trip EVER!

As we head into our final of the year we’re looking forward to making the most of our time and having the most fun possible.