Hi everybody!

This first Spring half-term has not gone as planned for anyone, but we hope that you can join us in celebrating the fantastic work Lichtenstein class has produced, despite learning remotely! Here is a glimpse at some of those pieces of work.

This Morning I Met A Whale

Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to talk to animals? Well, unless you’re Dr Dolittle, you probably have! And that’s exactly what we have been reading about in our literature focus this half-term. This Morning I Met A Whale is about a boy named Michael who has the miraculous power of being able to speak to a whale, who is trapped in the River Thames. Here are a few samples of the written work our class produced on the topic.

Nazmul- diary entry.
Safiyyah- Layered Reading comprehension.
Hannah- haiku poem.


Maths has been an essential part of our remote learning. This half-term we took on the challenge of having two Maths sessions per day. One was our early morning maths, which was writing based. And the other was LBQ (Learning by Questions), which is an excellent online platform. Take a look at some of our work on place value, multiplication and division.

Fatima- short division.
Ahsana- multiplication grid.
This is what our LBQ format looks like.

Eco Warriors

Who says you can’t enjoy science when you’re stuck indoors! Well, we’ve had loads of fun conducting experiments, gathering data, and researching during our recent Eco Warriors topic! Just take a look at some of the great things we’ve been doing, while we learned about how to save our environment at the same time.

Ibrahim- building his very own wind turbine.
Najibah- reflection on the World Water Crisis.
Mr Riddell- struggling to burst a balloon filled with water in our thermal energy experiment.
Zainab- documenting our thermal energy experiment.

We also looked at places of worship and some of the similarities and differences in the beliefs of various religious traditions.

Saleh- reflecting on the similarities and differences in the ideas of religious traditions.
Aaqib- reflecting on places of worship and their role in the community.