Today we had a very special lesson, we got to have video call with an expert who knows all about our school. His name is Ari and he used to come here as a student and he does lots of important jobs around the school now.

In our lesson, he told us all about the history of our school and showed us photos from the past. Here are a few things things that we learnt:

*There was a school called Ricardo Street Primary School that got bombed in the war and our school was built replace it.

*There were only pencils, pens and art supplies – no devices like Ipads or screens and no internet!

*There was a headteacher who would bring her dog to school.

*The playground had no climbing frame but the school was really athletic and known for winning lots of different sports.

*Children were allowed to wear their own clothes to school.

*Susan Lawrence, who the school was named after, was a Suffragette this means that she fought for women’s votes.

*Lansbury Nursery School and Susan Lawrence Primary School were two separate schools but joined together Lansbury Lawrence Primary school.

So that’s the end of our lesson, we all enjoyed talking to Ari and asking him lots of questions about our school. Thank you Ari, for teaching us about our history.

And thank YOU for reading our blog post!

By Hepworth Class.