Learning in the Edible Playground

Plants were the focus for our science lessons in Hokusai class this term, and the children have been making the most of Lansbury Lawrence’s blooming edible garden to apply their learning in practice.

“I have learnt about different types of soil,” said Fayeza and Hazera told us how gardening has taught her “plants need a certain amount of water”. Maryam explained that a plant needs “carbon dioxide, water and sunlight” to grow.

Spending afternoons with Joe in the Edible Playground, the children have developed really useful practical skills. Ibrahim has learnt how to get plants out of pots, and Nazmul recounted how he had learned to water plants, dig holes and listen.

Next term we will be continuing to learn about plants, their life-cycle and their requirements for life. Memories and observations made in the Edible Playground will be so useful when exploring these topics.