by Muhsin and Amara

Last week, we went on a trip to a local church in RE. Before we went, we wrote some questions that we could ask our guide and at the end we thought about what we learnt. Mr Mills came with us too and we found out a lot of information by listening, reading and by looking at the different objects all around the building. We think that the whole class enjoyed the trip although it rained a bit when we were coming back to school. I put my sheet in my bag because it got wet.

We are still enjoying gardening with Joe and all of our activities in Forest School:

In English and whole class reading we are reading The Snow Leopard. It’s a good fiction book and the main characters are on a mountain, so it is connected to our topic which is Mountains and Volcanoes. Everyone thought the book was going to be non-fiction because of the title, so we expected lots of facts and information about snow leopards but we were wrong. The character is like a god because she could sing to create things like stars and the moon. It is a great story.

Music Day was enjoyable too:

In maths we learnt about factors and multiples. The factors of a number are like the roots of a tree, and the multiples are like the leaves that come out the top. We did three models and chose the last one ourselves.

In art, Ms Sellens showed us drawings and paintings of mountains done by David Hockney. We talked about them and then used oil pastels to do them in our sketchbooks. After that in geography, we learnt how mountains are formed from the Earth’s crust when tectonic plates collide together. Mountains are formed over a long time, and we used an egg and strips of paper with Ms Bridge to understand how it all happens.

We also ran 100 metres in PE last week. Some of us didn’t think we could do it, and some were faster than others. Next lesson we are going to try running 200 metres and record all of our results in our fitness books.