Having started the new academic year with smiles, positive attitudes and bundles of enthusiasm, students in Hokusai class have sat down to write a blog about their first week.

Warm smiles

Fatima: Our first week back was lovely. I was excited to see my friends and to meet my new teachers. We did maths and English, and we also did Geography and thought about how to have a good year in year 3. I tried my best during art lessons, and my painting of Hokusai’s art was quite detailed; the class loved it.

Our word cloud

Rida: In our first week, we made a word cloud to share the things that we are looking forward to this year. Most of us said they are looking forward to the bigger playground, making friends and learning. Some of us also shared that they are looking forward to the quiet of the school’s secret garden, and I said I can’t wait until we start learning French.

Our class charter

Samir: I remember talking about our class charter on the first day. We decided on the goal as a class, and then we all thought of how we could reach the goal by the end of the year. The class agreed to use it every day in the classroom and around the school.