Wow, we can’t believe it’s the end of the year for Riley class in year 4. We have had a fantastic time together on our learning journey this year – so much has happened and we wish we could stay together for another year!

We have been reflecting about our favourite memories from year 4 and we wanted to share a few of them with you on this blog post today, we hope you enjoy reading and listening to us.

Ishmam’s Contributions to our Class!

Ishmam has been such an important member of our class, that he has to go first. He has always thought of helpful ideas for our room, and recently created a lovely print of Riley Class for our sink area. He’s even created a new name tag for his new class – Kahlo!

Treasure Hunt for Year 6

As part of a kindness gesture from Riley class, some children in our class (Dawud, Ayaanah, Mariya and Meliha) created a treasure hunt for the Year 6 children before they left school. They thought that the Year 6 children would need some fun and adventure before they moved to secondary school – the treasure at the end was full of jokes and positive message to keep their spirits up. How very thoughtful =

Sports Day Winners

The blue team in Riley class with their medals. All of the teams performed excellently on sports day, and we were so proud of their excellent teamwork together. Well done to all atheles!

Our Writing

We have loved writing our exciting stories inspired by the volcanic explosion in Pompeii.

Last week, we all used the Now Press Play headphones to listen to calm and relaxing music while we focused hard on our stories. All the children loved the experience of being completely immersed in their writing without any distractions. The adults, we must admit, loved the silence too. 🙂

The Now Press Play Experiences…

This year we have started to use the Now Press Play headphones in our learning across a variety of subjects – science, English and French. Once the headphones are turned on, we listen to a very dramatic and exciting story where we have to act out and follow instructions and learn lots of new vocabulary.

Many of the children mentioned the Now Press Play experiences in their favourite memories of the year – we can’t wait to use them again next year.

What are you looking forward to in Year 5?

“I am looking forward to swimming and trips!!!!”


“I’m looking forward to English writing and reading new books”


What was your favourite memory from Year 5?