This half-term we have been learning about all the people who help us in our lives from family members to doctors and the fire-brigade. We have also explored Chinese New Year and different materials, such as wood, plastic and fabric.

Md Adam Larbi made a police badge.
We were visited by a nurse and the children were very excited to ask lots of questions.
Anaya also wants to be a police-officer.
Safa wants to be a nurse because ‘she wants to help everybody.’
Uzair wants to be a police officer too, and he went and found a book about the police to help him write the word.
Shafi explores using fabric as a glove to see if it is waterproof.
Ryan is experimenting with foil to see if it is waterproof.
Hawa tries using fabric and Haydn waits to try plastic.
Sumayya experiments with a fabric glove.
Zara has made a badge. She wants to be a nurse.
Rihan has made a police-officer’s badge.
Summer explores using the tinfoil in water.
Adyan explores whether fabric is waterproof or not, and Jethro uses the tinfoil.
Nabil: ‘I want to be a police-officer.’
Rebecca wants to be a nurse – ‘Because I want to help people.’