Today, Kapoor class are thrilled to share with you their recent adventure to the Crossrail Roof Garden in London, as part of their learning theme for spring. The garden is a masterpiece of design, with carefully curated plantings and thoughtfully crafted spaces. From vibrant flower beds to verdant shrubbery, every corner was a delight to discover. One of Jayden’s favourite part was observing stunning views of the surrounding city skyline.

Jayden is sketching large plants that he found interesting.
Children are observing the different types of plants.
Many children were intrigued by the texture on this plant. They immediately noticed tiny little spikes on the stem!

Sharah was fascinated by the silhouette of this mini tree. She thought it looked like it had a haircut!
Banana tree! said “Sharah”

These berries were bright and tiny. Children thought it looked like sweets.

It was interesting to see red leaves in spring because usually we see them in Autumn!

Aleena thought these looked like Goldilocks’ hair!

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