This half-term the children have been learning about the environment for our topic of Eco-Warriors.

They have looked at how to help the world by recycling and reusing our waste, and also steps to reduce other problems on Earth such as global warming. There are examples of some excellent poems the children wrote about saving the planet for you to read!

They have discussed friendship in PSHE and thought about what makes a good friend. Not only that, but they talked about families and how they can support each other as well as what makes a family unit.

In R.E the children have been learning about different religions and what their beliefs are, related to the environment. Again, we have a fantastic example of informative writing about Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and  Hinduism.

Finally in Maths, the children have been exploring fractions. They have practised changing improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa, as well as multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by integers. They used a range of visual and mathematical methods to do this. They have had a very productive half-term!