by Uthman and Madiha

ICT and reading were our favourite lessons last week. Hogarth, his father and the villagers created a plan to catch the Iron Man and stop him from eating their tractors and machinery, but the Iron Man has now escaped from the trap. We learnt how to make animations using iMotion, and Muhsin’s group did one about the Iron Man putting himself back together. After that, we made storyboards with a beginning, middle and end for another animation using our own ideas for a new story.

The Iron Man reassembling (Muhsin, Sabrina, Shazia, Madiha)

Handwriting and English:

We practised our curly caterpillar letters and using subordinating conjunctions last week. I remember using I-SAW-A-WABUB to remind us about these conjunctions and we wrote sentences using them in a diary entry.


On Wednesday, we learnt how to redistribute when we are adding to make the numbers easier to work with. When the number sentence was 144 + 29, we subtracted 1 from 144 and added it to the 29 to make the number sentence 143 + 30. We also started looking at the 8 times table on the counting stick.

Geography and history:

Learning about four of the ancient civilisations has been interesting. We looked in atlases and found out that they were on the same 30 degrees line of latitude. Ms Bridge helped us figure out that it was because it was the right weather for farming in the world along that line and they were all next to a river.