As we come to the end of another school year, it’s a time to reflect on happy memories and celebrate our successes. And, what a great year we have had for sports and physical activity at Lansbury Lawrence!

Across the school, in PE, children have learnt skills in netball, basketball, swimming, football, hockey, tennis, dance, handball, rugby, athletics and orienteering. They’ve also improved their team work, resilience and communication skills.

We have also enjoyed different sports clubs, trips and welcomed in sports coaches too!

Here are our sporting and physical activity highlights!

KS1 Cricket Workshops

KS2 cricket

I really enjoyed playing and learning about cricket because cricket is one of my favourite sports and before I didn’t know much about cricket but now I do know how to play it properly. The game is much more fun. – Rayyan


Years 3-6 perfected their tennis skills in PE

Fun at Badminton club!

Year 3 won BIG at SportInspired Poplar Baths Festival of Sport for their commitment, teamwork and team spirit!

Year 4 loved swimming lessons and club:

In September, I could not swim  but now I can swim quite well. In year 5, I want to get even better at my swimming.  – Asiya Van Gogh Class

I am very proud that I was apart of multisport club and cricket because it was fun and excited – Shadi Riley Class

I am also proud of my swimming and before I couldn’t float but now I can. – Muhsin Riley Class

School Games – UKS2 Tennis Tournament

Tasnim R – “It was fun and I want to come back again. Everyone enjoyed it and we were being resilient” 

Maryan – “Today was so fun because we were in a real competition! I have learnt so many things about tennis.” 

Sports Day – EYFS

Sports Day – Years 1-6

Dance with Akram Khan

Skills Building: Communication and Tactics

New Year 5 badminton club began

In September, I couldn’t swim properly and I had to swim in the baby pool but now I swim on my back and front and jump into the water. In PE I learnt that the ball can only bounce once. I also learnt that in netball you can only hold the ball for three seconds. In PE I couldn’t play netball and tennis but now I can serve and score goals. My second favourite memory this year was going to Poplar baths and taking part in a sports tournament and playing Badminton. I also loved being in badminton club and playing against some of my friends and other people. – Madihah Kahlo Class