We are celebrating a fun musical term here at Lansbury Lawrence. We may have had to make some small changes in order to create a safe place for everyone but that certainly didn’t stop any of the fun in our music lessons. This term we celebrated this year’s Make Music Day by all of our children singing “Bring me sunshine”. Our children in early years have been learning melodies on the glockenspiels, as well as a fun salsa dance and singing “A lovely day” from the movie “A secret life of pets 2”. Years 4/5 and 6 have been learning some complex rhythms on the djembes, as well as learning about many different musical instruments from around the world. It’s been another great summer term! Here’s some of our highlights.

Next term we look forward to having a fantastic start with our music lessons across the school with our children playing a selection of musical instruments – Year 1 will be playing percussion instruments, Year 2 Djembes, Year 3 Recorders, Years 4 ,5 and 6 will be playing a selection of instruments from Trombones to cellos. We look forward to continuing our musical journey!

Well done everyone! It was a great term. Farewell and good luck to all of our Year 6 children. I hope you continue with your own musical journey.