As we all know, we’re unable to do trips at the moment due to Covid-19 however, there was one place we could visit that was safe and exciting…..OUR SCHOOL!

As we have been learning this term, our school is a special place with a rich and important history so this afternoon, we set off to see it for ourselves. (We even put on our hi-vis vests to really make it feel like a regular trip!)

First stop was the beautiful, patterned tiles in the entrance which were designed by the famous artist, Peggy Angus. Also in the entrance hall, we noticed the huge windows that let in lots of light.

“The tiles are so bright and patterned, they make me feel cheerful”


Down the corridor we saw the glass tiles in the ceiling that let in more light, they had beautiful square patterns as well.

Outside, we noticed a flag with the Festival of Britain logo on it, letting everyone know the important history of our school, we also looked at the architecture of the building, and saw that there were even more windows, lighting up the classrooms.

Hokusai class with the Festival of Britain logo

Final stop on our tour were the oldest trees in the playground, we discovered they had been planted by royalty – King George and Queen Elizabeth, our current queen’s mum and dad!

We learnt so much about what makes our school special – the architecture, design and history….we may never need to go on a school trip outside of school again!