Year 3 came back to class today to find some strange messages waiting for them…

They were from an ogre called Grendel and they were written in a strange language called Saxon runes. We had to use the runic alphabet to crack the code and discover what Grendel was saying. Here’s what we found:

Beware Year 3! 

My name is Grendel 

I am an ogre who lives in a cave 

I have huge claws and teeth 

I hate people being happy  

Children are my favourite food 

I will bring my Saxon army 

And we will attack the school 

Beowulf is my enemy 

Only he can stop me. 

He is a Saxon warrior 

He is brave and strong 

You will never find him 

Prepare to meet your doom! 

An ogre coming to attack our school! What could we do? We decided to write letters to Beowulf as he was our only hope! However, as Beowulf was a Saxon warrior, we couldn’t write to him in English, we had to write our letters in Saxon runes! Ms Clarke sent them to him via raven.

Fortunately after break, we received a reply! Beowulf would help us as long as we designed him a new Saxon brooch he could wear to the battle! There was just one catch, the brooch had to have at least one line of symmetry. Thankfully, we were all up to the task and designed a symmetrical brooch a Saxon warrior could be proud of! The day was saved and we were not going to end up an ogre’s dinner!