Good morning all!

Greetings from Kahlo’s residential trip in Suffolk. Yesterday, we set off from London on our big adventure and we’ve been having such a blast.

First, we arrived at the beautiful and lush Rendlesham forest. We enjoyed our packed lunch, played on swings and zip line and then had an interesting nature walk through the forest.

After that, we did a den building exercise, using sticks, logs and greenery. When we were finished, we gave guided tours of each team’s amazing creation.

Once we had settled into our bedrooms back at the hostel, we enjoyed our tasty dinner from chef Amy and had time for a game of football at the local park.

And then, we did one more special activity: a dusk walk with Steve, our guide from the Country Trust. Steve walked us down quite lanes, while we listened for bats on our bat detector device. We played a game, spotted stars and enjoyed a magical sunset before returning for showers and bedtime.

Exhausted, all the children fell fast asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

* Photos to follow soon! *