Today we went to the Imperial War Museum. I had lots of fun learning new and interesting facts. My friends and I really enjoyed exploring the bunker bed. I am very grateful I went on this trip. – Zainab K

Because our topic is World War 2, we went to the Imperial War Museum (IWM). I enjoyed looking at the model houses. I also found the trench really interesting and realistic. It was amazing to see what people wore during the war. I discovered that lots of countries we involved. – Safiyyah

I enjoyed the trench, looking at the different masks for children (one was Mickey Mouse), a very detailed model house, tanks, planes, torpedoes and air raid shelters. We also saw a living room designed in the time of WW2 I found out that Poland was divided into two parts. – Zainab H

Today when we went to the Imperial War Museum I enjoyed learning about the artefacts and the weaponry. I found out that famous brands like Rolls Royce and BMW were used during the 1940s. – Ibrahim