Last week, Year 5 went on a mini-voyage to central London to visit the marvellous British Museum. The roof of the main hall was beautiful to behold, we were amazed!

Bloomsbury Square, Park – near the museum

First of all, we got to explore in Room 18 – which contained artefacts from the Parthenon Temple. The temple was built as a gift to the goddess, Athena, who was the goddess of wisdom and courage. We used tablets to solve puzzles and challenges in order to learn more about the artefacts. For example, we had to find sculptures which matched a shape on the tablet, and then we had to retrieve Athena’s scarf for another challenge. It was really fun to use the tablets to learn more about our topic.

After lunch, we returned to the galleries to explore different sculptures, jewellery and coins from Ancient Greece. And we explored the ruins of the fantastic Nereid Monument.