Year 4 share their experiences…

“Yesterday’s trip was interesting because of the aquarium and the animal bones we got to touch. There was a snake’s vertebrae and we even touched a stuffed alligator!” – Ihfaz 4A

“I really liked the trip because we got to learn more about the rainforests and the aquarium was full of different things such as a poison dart frog.” – Samiha 4B

“I liked the sea horses and starfish in the aquarium. There were so many things to see.” – Maryam 4A


Dory from Finding Nemo 😉

“We got to see tiny sea horses, poison dart frogs and different kinds of fish. We also saw a jellyfish and found out that if it touches you, you could get poisoned and die.” – Aminul 4B


Deadly Jellyfish!

“We had to guess what the rainforest objects were used for. They were objects used by the Wai-Wai tribe.” – Anasha 4A

Rainforest Artefacts Workshop

Rainforest Artefacts Workshop


“I liked it when we went to the aquarium. I enjoyed going down the hill outside in the Horniman Gardens.” – Tafsir 4B

“It was fun and there were so many interesting things to do. I enjoyed playing with my friends in the Horniman Gardens.” – Muhammad 4A


Ending the brilliant trip with a race!

“The trip was really fun because we found out more facts about the Amazon Rainforest and we got to see lots of different fish in the aquarium.” – Maisha 4B