This week in maths, year 4 have been using their very own counting sticks to practise and test each other with their multiplication facts.  We have worked as a team to count in different steps, forwards and backwards to help develop our knowledge and understanding.  The language we have been using is:

Multiple, inverse, lots of, factors, product, double, half, odd, even and squared.


Abdi wrote in his learning reflection:

‘At first I found using the stick a challenge, but I never gave up and my partner helped me.  I was able to find different answers using my counting stick and it helped me see the inverse more easily’.

By the end of this week, we aim to be more secure with our multiplication facts to ensure we meet our end of year target – knowing all the facts (including division) up to 12 x 12.


Watch this space to find out more…

Learning our multiplication facts