Did you know that our bodies have around 70 trillion cells? Or that our necks have the exact number of bones as the neck of a giraffe?

Hepworth and Hokusai class learnt some of these fun facts when they visited the Centre of the Cell today for a workshop all about the Human body. They learned about the skeletal system, the muscular system and our cells. They played a game which involved acting out the role of the Osteoblast and the Osteoclast (cells that make up our bones). Luca from 3b got to hammer in a brain made out of jelly to see what would happen to our brain if it was not protected by our skull.

The children learned lots of new terms such as ‘gluteous maximus’ which is the name of the muscle in our bottoms (sounds like the hero from Ridley Scott’s film The Gladiator!)

Both classes had a great time. They even had a mini competition where they had to collect the most healthy foods in a basket, which George from 3B scooped a gold medal for winning! Well done George.