Y3 had a tremendous day at the Natural History Museum this week. Once there, they explored every area of discovery the Museum had to offer! Some of the things they saw were fossils of dinosaurs that had been discovered by Mary Anning, the skeleton of a blue whale, the actual model of a huge blue whale, models of nearly every animal and bird that exists and even a section that was dedicated to creepy crawlies! (Saddiya our bug expert was well impressed!) They got a feel of what the middle of the Earth looked like by travelling into the Globe Structure, they learnt about volcanoes and how they erupt and even braved an earthquake simulator! Most children came out of the earthquake simulator in one piece, not sure I can say the same about the teachers though! (We are pretty sure Mr Benoit was still shaking even when he returned to school!) All in all it was an awesome day and Y3 were excellent ambassadors for Lansbury Lawrence! Well Done!