This term, we are learning about World War 2. We have all been looking forward to this topic because there are so many questions that we would like answered.

Here are some questions that we were keen to find out.

Who started the war? Why was the war created? How long did it last for? Why did children have to evacuate?

Once we researched WW2, we decided on ways to transform the classroom so that it reflected out topic.

The highlight was that our teacher allowed some children to draw important people on the windows.

Our classroom look amazing! You should definitely check it out!

Syma and Mahtab

Anderson ‘Anguson’ Shelter

Creating flags of all the countries that participated in the war

More flags

Drawing important people on the windows

Winston Churchill

More artwork

Creating a timeline


Teamwork – creating a spitfire

Shadows of the images on the window

Evacuee and a soldier

Shadow of Hitler and Churchill

Hitler and Churchill