Reception are embarking on a creative fieldwork project to explore our local community. Small groups of children are going out with adults and are being asked, Which Way Now? We are going on journeys around school that are led by the children. We are stopping to look at anything that is interesting to the children. The children took lots of photographs of what interested them; aeroplanes, plants, buildings, cars, each other. It was also a chance to talk to each other about why we liked what we saw. Everyone had a great time!

On our way out of the door – which way now?
Stripy leaves
Silver car. Mohammed likes cars.
Aeroplane in the sky. Amira likes aeroplanes.
Reflections in glass by Ubaid
A close up of a plant. It looks like a painting!
Why is the bike on the floor? It only has one wheel!
You can see a tiny bit of my house!
Back in school.