We have been exploring more about materials and their properties in our science lessons again this week.

Kahlo Class were curious to know more about dissolving. They wanted to find out which everyday substances were soluble (dissolve in a liquid) or insoluble (will not dissolve).

Neither wood, plastic nor paper dissolved in our first experiment. So, we created a new investigation to see what else was insoluble and if we could find something soluble!

First we measured the water using a measuring cylinder
Then we added the substances (flour, sugar, salt, coffee, pepper and sand)
We agreed that each group would make 2 solutions – one would be mixed and one would not so we could look for any differences
We observed closely to see if the substance had dissolved
If we could still see the solid substance in the water, it was insoluble – like the sand here!
However, if it fully mixed with the water as a liquid, it was soluble. Like the sugar here!
We discovered that mixing sped up the dissolving process. So now we know why adults stir their coffee!