This term in science Year 6 have been learning about energy and electricity. Today we investigated how the number and voltage of cells (batteries) in a circuit can have an effect on the brightness of other components, such as a light bulb. We used actual batteries, bulbs and wires to help our investigation, as well as an online program called Circuit Constructions. Have a go here:

I have learnt that the more voltage you put into a circuit, the brighter the lightbulb will be. I found this out by putting more batteries in the circuit with the bulb. – Ridwan

I have learnt that the technical term for power is voltage and that the unit it is measured in is volts. I would like to know more about why the light becomes dimmer when you increase the number of lightbulbs. – Safiyyah

Today I learnt that when you add batteries to a circuit it will get brighter, and if you add too many it could overload (on the online simulator). – Nubia

I have learnt how to connect the wires to make a circuit complete. I didn’t know that a light could get brighter and dimmer. – Shahidul