by Khadija and Manha

Our new topic is mountains and volcanoes. We will be learning about how they are formed and where they are. Some of us know a little bit already, but we all had lots of questions that we put on the class display. I wondered if mountains continue to grow taller after they are made.

In maths, we remembered how to rearrange number sentences that have addition and subtraction, and we also used bar models to help us move the numbers around to work out different questions. Wednesday was one of our favourite days because we did some gardening. We searched for special plants on a scavenger hunt in our school gardens, and it was really interesting drawing pictures of what we found.

In English, we started learning how to write an instruction text. We looked at one that explained how to do a magic trick, and we are using it to see how to write one of our own about mountaineering.