Hokusai and Hepworth class are going to be in an exhibition at the Tate Britain!! The famous artist, Steve McQueen, is creating a new art project that focuses on year 3 children. He has set himself the challenge of photographing all the year 3 classes in London! He chose year 3 because he felt it was a really important time in children’s lives, when they have come up from Key Stage 1 and are starting to form their own opinions about things. Last Thursday, it was Lansbury Lawrence’s turn to be photographed and so both Hepworth and Hokusai class had an exciting time preparing for their moment in history! The exhibition will be shown at the Tate Britain sometime next year!  Here is what Yaqub had to say about the day:

“First, we played some games to warm up our faces ready for the photograph. We had to find a partner and one person had to be the leader. The leader moved their hands slowly and the partner had to do the same thing like it was a mirror. After the games, we lined up tallest to shortest. Then we smiled and the photographer took lots of photos of us. After that, we asked lots of questions, for example: “How did you get into photography?”. Finally, we went back to the classroom. It was amazing!”

Playing some warm up games


Question time

The photographer’s assistants