Welcome to Sunflower Class!
We feel privileged to be sharing your child’s first stepping stone of education.
This is a time for new beginnings, making friends, and learning lots of new &exciting things each and every day. Our days will be filled with lots of wonderful experiences and opportunities for learning and growing.
Our slogan is ‘It’s good to talk’ and this will be embedded each day in Nursery,our aim is for your child to share their feelings, experiences and thoughts with us.
Ensuring a smooth transition from home to school is of the utmost importance to us,
you are welcome to stay until you feel comfortable that your child is settled.
During your child’s time in Nursery, we will continually assess and record his/her progress and achievements. This will be shared with you each term and we value your comments and input. At this age, the best way to record many of your child’s achievements is through a ‘Learning Journey’, which is a working document that records your child’s development(from their first day in nursery to their last.) It documents the children’s interests,their next steps and informs our planning. Your child’s Learning Journey will include photos, teacher observations/comments, examples
of work, achievements and milestones. You are welcome at any time to contribute to this by sharing with us your
child’s ‘Special Moments’ that happen outside of school. For example, photos, awards,
medals, certificates ……we love to hear about all these, so please tell us about it all.

Wishing you all the best on this journey

Louisa, Maddie, Ranu, Lisa