Hello Lansbury Lawrence community, here is a short update of some of the fantastic science learning that’s been happening so far this term. Year 1 classes are learning about animals. I am sure you know about their chicks! The children have shown an incredible amount of excitement and care towards their chicks. They have been identifying and sorting animals into different groups. Year 2 classes are learning about plants, with a focus on what plants need to grow. Delaunay class have been growing their own plant since the start of the academic year, so this first hand observation is really helping to add to their plant learning. Year 3 and year 5 have been learning about forces and magnets. Year 6 are learning about living things with a focus on classifying them into different groups. As part of that, they are also spending time with Joe the school gardener to work in our edible playground. The science clubs have been doing some amazing practical learning such as making perfume and making a piano using bananas! There are more exciting activities planned in so watch this space! Keep talking to the children about their science learning to help them consolidate it and share their enthusiasm with you.