We have had an absolutely COSMIC time in Year 5 this half term learning all about space! We learnt about the solar system, how the planets orbit the Sun, the Moon orbits the Earth and how the rotation of the Earth causes day and night.

We designed our own experiment to prove the rotation of the Earth by measuring shadows throughout the day.

We also got to take part in an Orchestra Project where we put our instrument lessons to good use by coming together to create a music score for a film about an alien invasion! It was amazing to have so many instruments playing together all in one room. We even got to play some instruments we’d never seen before such as a theramin and hand pianos.

In English, we wrote Newpaper reports based on our Class reading book ‘Cosmic’ about a group of children who get lost in space and also about the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

The absolute highlight of the term had to be our trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwhich where we got to see a planetarium show and touched a piece of space rock that was millions of years old!