This morning, Hirst Class took part in STEAM activities in class. Our activities centred around the ‘M’ in STEAM – Maths!

One of the activities was the Domino Game. We worked collaboratively in teams of 4 to match the number patterns with our dominoes. The challenge was to think about the different orientations of the dominoes and we only had one set each – this meant we only had one of each domino and could not repeat a pattern. Have a look at the pictures below:

Our strategy was to use team work to support one another. One way was to allocate jobs to each other, such as calling out the numbers, organising the dominoes and checking for accuracy. During the competition, it felt tense as we were in a race against other teams and we pushed ourselves to work effectively together to solve the problems quickly. Humaira

The game was a good challenge. At first our dominoes were all over the table, which made it hard to find the correct domino. When we organised them it was easier to find each one quickly. I found there was only one type of each domino so I had to think carefully about how I placed them and their orientation. Saklain.