Well Done to all the classes who competed in the 2018 Lansbury Lawrence Sports Day. All the children had a fantastic time and everyone gave 100% effort at each station.
A huge thank you to the parent and carers who came to Bartlett Park to support their child and their class!
Thank you to all the Lansbury Lawrence Staff for supporting and helping during the morning Sports Day events!
And finally a massive thank you to our Morgan Stanley Volunteers. All the adults were full of energy, really engaging with the children and very professional. They all thoroughly enjoyed their time with the school on Sports Day and wish everyone a lovely summer. We all really appreciate their time and efforts. Thank you to 4A for making an excellent thank you card!
Here is some lovely feedback by a couple of the volunteers:
“It was a lovely morning, the kids were fantastic and please give a huge thanks to Andy Burke.”
“It was really enjoyable – the children were great and full of enthusiasm. Andy made us feel very welcome and had everything well organised. I would definitely do it again.”
1st Place – YELLOW TEAM – 1219 Points
2nd Place – BLUE TEAM & ORANGE TEAM – 1181 Points
3rd Place – GREEN TEAM – 1125 Points
4th Place – RED TEAM – 1046 Points
Congratulations everyone on a fantastic Sports Day!
Mr Burke