We have had a great time exploring all things space this term. From re-writing the true story of Apollo 13 to sketching the phases of the moon, we’ve learned so much in Kahlo Class in the past 7 weeks!

In art, we looked at pictures of the moon and used tone and shading with charcoal to create accurate sketches.
In Science, we learned about the Earth’s rotation and how it causes shadows and night and day. We used the globe and a torch to cast shadows and experimented with the movement of the shadow as the globe rotated.
The class were really proud of their Apollo 13 stories. Yaqub’s wonderfully presented writing.
We learned that the sun is at the centre of our solar system and the 8 planets in order from the sun!

As well as writing stories, we read some space themed poetry. We loved the poetic techniques used is this poem and were so inspired, we wrote our own alien poems in a similar style!

SSSScalien. Our poetry inspiration
Tttttalien By Liyanna
We also had a visit from some intergalactic internet legends! Well done to Yahya for building this figure independently at home, whilst also learning about being safe online.
Have a lovely half term Kahlo Class!