Children from both year four classes have been keen to see their names celebrated on the school’s Times Tables Rockstars board. This week, Van Gogh class were Class of the Week and the two sets of students have come together to write this blog about their recent efforts:

Looking chuffed.

We have been practising our times tables in school and at home so that we can improve. We challenge other classes to times tables battles and remember to check the board to see which students and classes have done well. Some of us have favourite times tables, and we all think that we are getting better.

Tahmid: “I feel triumphant because I won a certificate and because I know almost all of my times tables.”

Hasan: “I have been trying hard since I joined the school, so I am happy.”

Zaynab: “It is GREAT to practise.”

Nazmul: “I am excited because now I can answer more questions. When I am multiplying a number in the eight times tables, I know that I can double it, then double it again.”

Bye : )