Half-Moon Theatre kindly came to our school to perform; it was funny, enjoyable and an eye-opener. The play reminded us how to cross the road safely and highlighted ways for us to ignore bullies.

Apart from, STOP, LOOK and LISTEN, here are some tips on how to cross the road in a safe way:

  • Wait for the ‘green man’
  • Cross at an appropriate place
  • Avoid listening to music
  • Avoid eating
  • Continue conversations once you have crossed the road
  • Walk calmly (as running could lead to danger)

We thoroughly enjoyed the play and some children had the opportunity to participate.

We hope that they come back to remind us on important issues and to make us laugh.

Samiuel, Brenda and Dawud

Children acting

The character ‘Ryan’ died because he didn’t cross the road safely.

Ryan was often distracting his friends.

Children participating.