After several weeks in lockdown, students in Riley class returned to school over the last two days, and they have written this blog to tell everyone about their time back in class.

“Three months ago, Monday would have just been a normal start to another week at school; however, after months of lockdown, it was extra special and we were glad to be out of the house! The thought of seeing our friends and teachers again had kept us up the night before, so we were excited to all see each other again. We spoke about how happy we were, and we got to see our classroom for the first time in ages. The lessons were shorter, but we learned a lot and did some P.E. and Music on both days. Maths, English and history were fun too, and we had more space in the playground.” (Riley Class)

“As I walked through the gates, I felt a little anxious. The school playground looked empty, so I thought I was late and I rushed to class. Taking a seat, I looked around and smiled at my friends.” (Remayssa M.)

“I really enjoyed today. I hope next week is just as fun.” (Arafah R.)