During this year, we know that many Reception children may have to isolate for two weeks and spend time away from their class so we are continuing to provide online learning for those that need it, when they need it. We learned a lot about online learning in the summer term and about what works well for our parents and the children.


We will continue to use some learning platforms, but we are also posting lots of learning on our website to make it more accessible. The school will provide you with a Home Learning Pack.

Our aim is to make this as accessible to parents and families as possible.

While you are at home, you will also get regular calls from a member of your class team so that we can work together to support your child while they are learning at home.


We understand families need to work at times which are best for them. Please watch each video on the website and then complete the task; each video and task could be completed within 20 minutes.  

You can do this work at a suitable time for you, but please try and create a daily routine. There will be daily Phonics, Sight Word, Literacy, Maths, Circle-Time and StoryTime videos for you to watch. Please email your completed work to either dmills@lansbury.net (Hamilton class) or abbeu@lansbury.net (Shireen Class).  

We have introduced a device free Friday afternoon; you and your child can find some activities in your packs that you can use instead of using devices. 

Please collect home learning packs every Thursday from the main school office. 

5th March

Here is the phonics sound ‘g’ 

Sight Words: 

After watching the sight words video, can you please see if you can find any sight words in a book and then write those words on your whiteboards and see how many times you can find some words.  


Every child should read every day, whether at home or at school and it’s important to plan this in. Many children enjoy reading in their beds before they fall asleep or perhaps they get up early and enjoy reading then. While they are unable to attend school, it’s important that they continue to read every day and find time to do a bit extra. Perhaps straight after breakfast, or before they eat their lunch.

Reading Eggs

Children can also practice their sounds and phonics independently using a Reading Eggs Account. We’ve bought one for every child in Year 1. Be warned! Reading Eggs has lots of games. The games are fun and can be helpful, but make sure your child is doing the lessons first! It’s also very important that you don’t help your child with their test at the end of each map, as that decides whether or not they are ready to move on.

Reading Eggs

Bedtime stories: 

4th March


World Book Day with Mr Mills  

World Book Day introduction  

In this video Mr Mills shares his favourite story dressed up as the character. 

World Book Day Story 

In this video Mr Mills reads the story dressed up as the character.  

5th March

Part 1 

Part 2 

Can you watch the video of Miss Uter and Mr Mills reading ‘ The Hungry Giant’ can you join in with the reading? 

To make the videos load faster we have put them on a playlist. Click on the icon  on the top right hand side of the video below to see the playlist of all our Stories.

5th March

Fill in your maths meeting sheet from your pack. Here’s a challenge can you find ten objects in your home? 

To make the videos load faster we have put them on a playlist. Click on the icon  on the top right hand side of the video below to see the playlist of all our Maths learning.

Please find a selection of carefully chosen online lessons which link to our curriculum and what we’ll be learning.

4th March

Part 1 

In this video we explore going to the dentist.  

Part 2