One of the core areas in the Early Years curriculum for a child’s development is their physical development. This week we will look at some circle time activities we’ve done to help progress your child’s physical development and some ideas you can do at home.

The first activity is what we call Write/Dance. For this activity, the children have some form of writing utensil (chalk, pen, pencil, etc) and something to write on. Then, put on some music for the children to listen to. Have a few different styles of songs (slow songs, fast songs, calm songs, etc). The children then mark-make whilst listening to the music and interpreting it as they like. If it’s a fast song then they can do lots of squiggly lines. If it’s a slow song maybe they will slowly draw big circles. See what your child comes up with. They can also draw standing up so as to dance along to the music.

Next up, we have some climbing activities. This is a great way to get your child exercising and having fun whilst they do it. When they climb like this, they are using and developing all the muscles in their bodies. We have a wonderful new playground here but any playground you can take them where they can climb will be helpful for them.


Finally, we have what’s called dough disco. This requires the children to have playdough in their hands. If you look back in an earlier post, I posted a recipe to make playdough. The children really love doing all the actions.

Here’s a like to a video you can do with playdough disco to develop strength in their hand muscles.


That’s it for now. Tune in again soon to see lots more learning activities we’ll do in Sunflower class.