Hello, my name is Taqwaa. Madiha and I were the class bloggers for Hokusai this week, so we would like to tell you a bit about the things we did.

This week in school, we did a lot of learning. In our maths lessons we used our tens to learn about measuring length, height and width in mm, cm and metres. In English we are planning a story called the Skeleton Woman, and here is a freeze frame of chapter two when the fisherman catches the bones:

Every day at lunchtime, everyone enjoyed the delicious smells and tastes. We both enjoyed playing with our friends at playtime, and our new topic in science is the human body. It has been cool so far, and our new story in whole class reading, Bill’s New Frock, has been funny and interesting. We have not read a story like this before, so we are looking forward to continuing it next week.