By Shah and Amara

We enjoyed reading the Iron Man in whole class reading. The Iron Man had an amazing idea to help Hogarth and the world defeat the space dragon. We found out that he lay on a metal bed above a fiery pit and he tricked the dragon into lying on the Sun which is hotter. The challenge is not over so we don’t know if the trick worked in the end. In assembly, Taqwaa and Yahya C read some of the story they wrote that used some of the chapters in the book. Their story was about a glass lady.

In maths, we used bar models to label parts of different number sentences. There were subtraction and addition sentences, and I remember the parts can be addends, and the sum and minuend can be the whole. On some of the days we also did assessments and quizzes.

One of my favourite days was when we had a percussion concert in the hall with the musician Rosie Bergonzi. She had something called a handpan with seventeen notes that she hit with a stick. She had different sticks and also played with just her hands. We learned more about music at the end of the week when we clapped the pulse and rhythm of different songs.