Year 3’s first trip of the year was a tour around a special place that we have been learning a lot more about recently: Our school! Recent lessons have taught us that the school has a rich and important history, so we set off to see it for ourselves.

Learning more about a familiar place.

We stopped off at the cobbled area outside the main building to admire the large glass windows of the welcoming entrance, which allow lots of light in, before sketching the beautiful, patterned tiles in the reception area that were designed by the famous artist, Peggy Angus.

Other stops on the tour included the interesting design features like the staircases and the different shapes used in our ceilings, the Festival of Britain flag in our playground, and looking at the school building from the KS2 playground to discuss why our school is specially protected as a listed building. We also stopped at one of the many trees in our green spaces to find out about our royal connection!

We found out so much about what makes our school special – the architecture, the design, the history – and we look forward to our other trips this year being just as great.

Taqwaa, Alexia: Our school was a key part of the Exhibition of Architecture which was part of the Festival of Britain. Our school and the Lansbury Estate were specially made for it.