by Ayath and Alexia

On our first day back, we learnt that our new topic is Ancient Civilisations. One of the activities on the first day was object enquiry in history, and we used copies of ancient artefacts to come up with questions and ideas.

Reading: We are now reading a story called The Iron Man, and so far we have read about him being on a cliff and taking a step forward which meant he fell off. We don’t know where the Iron Man came from or why he stepped forward, so we are interested to find out. We all made a collage of the Iron Man at the top of the cliff and added sticky notes with the sounds, nouns, verbs and adjectives we found on the pages.

Twosday and Maths: Tuesday was Twosday in maths because the date was made up of all twos and it was day two of the week. We challenged each other to see how many times we could do things in 22 seconds like write our name and do jumping jacks. On the other days we did a times tables quiz and continued practising adding and subtracting.

Art: In art we finished the project we started in our last lesson. First, we made our shape using rattan wood and taped it together, which wasn’t very easy. After that we placed newspaper inside some of the wholes to keep the shape and plug any gaps. Then finally, we covered the whole thing in plaster and waited for it to dry. It hadn’t finished drying by the end of the lesson so we can’t wait to see them next week.