This week, children in KS2 at Lansbury Lawrence will be joining a very exciting live-streamed assembly on YouTube. ParentZone – a group which advises parents on internet safety – and Google will be reminding us of all the ways we can be safe online, using the ‘Be Internet Legends’ program.

‘Be Internet Legends’ teaches children some important messages about online safety:

  1. Be Internet Sharp: Think before you share
  2. Be Internet Alert: check it’s for real
  3. Be Internet Secure: protect your stuff
  4. Be Internet Kind: respect each other
  5. Be Internet Brave: if in doubt, discuss

On Thursday 17th September at 2pm, the live-streamed assembly will begin on YouTube. Parents, and any children at home, can tune in to the live-stream here using the embedded video below. Normally, YouTube recommends that children access the site from the age of 13 – but because this video is marked as ‘Made for Kids’, chat will be automatically disabled. Your child won’t be able to make or see comments, or communicate directly with anyone. They won’t need to create an account or download any additional software.