By Syeda and Amira

Did you know that mountaineers need lots of equipment to climb mountains? In whole class reading we are reading a book called Mountains of the World and it taught us about items like carabiners and crampons. It also showed us that there are different types of climbing and there were facts about the impressive mountains around the world. In English we are writing an instruction text so we can use this information to say what you need for climbing.

We looked at mountains in geography and art too. In art we were searching for images and then using different techniques to sketch them. Shadows, charcoal and chalk are some of the things we used, and some of us did pictures of volcanoes. For geography we used the class atlases to find the highest peaks in some of the continents so we looked at the key and the symbols on the map.

In P4C we learnt how to be a caring learning partner by saying positive comments when people are angry. We discussed things we can say and do that would mean we help instead of making them feel worse. French was interesting. We are learning how to speak about different buildings in a town or city, and we started by thinking about places in our community.