A brilliant way for Class 1B to start their P.E lessons for Autumn 2! We have the MEND programme at Lansbury Lawrence every week! MEND stands for Mind, Exercise, Nutrition and DO IT!



Dominique, a sports coach from the Mend Programme, arrived to lead the P.E lesson on Tuesday. It was Dominique’s first lesson with us In Year 1 and she used a variety of fun and energetic games to introduce herself and get to know the children. These games also challenged the children on their physical and mental skills such as agility, coordination, concentration and decision making.

A particular favourite with the children was the ‘Car game’. Children held a cone with two hands representing a steering wheel of a car. They had to drive their car around the space while looking out for the green, yellow and red cones shown by Dominique. Green was go, yellow was over a bump and red was stop.

We look forward to more P.E lessons with the Mend Programme and Dominique!