Today, Kahlo Class took part in a Design and Technology workshop with Stephen Guy where we learnt about different mechanisms and machines.

Exploring mechanisms

We looked at different inventions which use mechanisms. They were made from wood, cardboard and other recycled materials (even a water bottle!). There were also some wind up toys, which the pupils enjoyed playing with.

The inventions used levers, springs, cam mechanisms and cranks. Some of the machines had “snail” cams and “egg” cams, named after their unique shapes.

The Green Machine!
Some of the machines even made sounds or music! Marco enjoying the tune from this recycled tin can

After we explored all the machines, we got to make one ourselves! The children had to build to machines using a carboard box, chopsticks, small circular cardboard pieces and a wooden handle.

Hard at work, creating our mechanisms
Building our machines!

Once we had the finished machines – and had tested the cranks worked! – it was time to get creative and add our personal touches!

We used paper cups, pipe cleaners, felt, ping pong balls and paper clips to add some creative touches.
Exploring the machines made by Steve – this one had a flying pterodactyl!
Steve explaining cams, cranks and shafts to the class.

Thank you Steve for an amazing workshop. We are so proud of our work that all of our machines are on display for the rest of the school to see!

Kahlo Class Inventors Showcase!
A closer look at the cams shaft!