On Wednesday 27th January, nine children from year 6 were selected to take part in the first Maths Masterclass session held at Langdon Park School.  This session was delivered by the director of NRiCH website, Ems Lord and focussed on collecting and representing data.  The children looked at differences in height and shoe sizes and how  when represented in a graph, created a ‘bell curve’. To finish the session, the children carried out an activity, which proved how quickly germs spread over a ten day period and recorded their findings on a graph.

Fun with Maths!

Introduction from the Langdon Park Headteacher Mr. Richard Fitzgerald


Umm…what is this?


Ems Lord from NRiCH introducing the first session.


Although it was a little scary to think about, not only did we learn extra maths, we also learnt the importance of washing our hands!

There are six sessions in total and will cover all areas of problem solving with maths.  There are four other schools in our area, who are taking part too; St. Saviours, Stebon, Wellington and Mayflower.  It is a great opportunity for the children to make new friends and we look forward to the next session on the 3rd February.  IMG_0069IMG_0084