The Lansbury Lawrence Garden Club was invited to sell our fruits and vegetables to members of our Tower Hamlet Council. This is an annual event where schools all across Tower Hamlets come together and sell different things they’ve grown to the employees of the council. It was a chance to meet new people, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to raise money for different charities.

Here’s how the day went:

(From left to right: Shefa, Javed, Zaynab, Mouttahara and Michelle) 

The Year 4s from our garden club arrived at Mulberry Place ready to sell our fresh produce that we grew at our school.

We got to work right away making signs and getting the fruits and vegetables ready.

We had lots of things to sell like carrots, various herbs and potatoes.

Javed used our free recipe sheets to promote our stall amongst the crowd of people.

After Javed handed out our recipe sheets our garden team got to work by promoting the wonderful produce we had to sell at our stall.

Our produce sold quickly.

The mayor of Tower Hamlets (John Biggs) even stopped by and bought some of our beans.

We also did some bartering with Columbus School. We traded some raspberries for a nice mint plant that we will plant in our garden.

In the end, we sold almost all our produce and raised £19.40 for the Grenfell Tower Fund.

Great work garden team!

We look forward to doing a garden sale at our school closer to the end of the year!