IMG_0119Zainab, Safiyyah and Arissa were playing with the lentils at the tuff spot together. Zainab says “we were playing cupcakes.”

IMG_0120Maryam and Israh in the construction area. Israh says “I was putting this one and then I put that there.”

Maryam says “I was making a slumber party.”

IMG_0124Yaqub had built a tower with cubes and was recording it on the paper. Zain came to join him and started counting the cubes. Yaqub said “I made a tower.”

IMG_0111Liyanna and Israt are reading together. Liyanna says “That’s me and that’s Israt we reading a book.”

IMG_0113Ahsana reading by herself. Ahsana says “I was reading a story … a cowboy.”